Power up your penetration testing/pen testing skills with Kali Linux Training Course! Enhance your existing knowledge of vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and ethical hacking by becoming a part of this Kali Linux Training course.

About Kali Linux Penetration Test Training

Get a complete understanding of Kali Linux to perform an ultimate pen testing with the help of the Kali Linux Penetration Test Training! This training course provides in-depth knowledge to secure your network and security system from cyber-attacks. This training also creates a practical environment for you to practice your pen testing skills using Kali Linux. Further, this course lets you learn more about the methodologies used in Kali Linux penetration test.

What will I learn?

By participating in the Kali Linux Training Course, you can able to explore your skills in finding the security threats and malicious attacks. You can become a leading cybersecurity professional and expert in penetration testing and ethical hacking techniques.

This Kali Linux Training Course helps you to:

Course Content

The Kali Linux Training Course is a better way of learning information gathering, vulnerability scanning, password cracking, target exploitation and other IT security techniques. This training course covers topics such as introduction to Kali Linux, tools used in information gathering and vulnerability analysis, Kali Linux wireless attacks, website penetration testing, sniffing and spoofing, password cracking tools, and more. 

Who are the beneficiaries?

If you want to improve your knowledge about Kali Linux and penetration testing techniques, then the Kali Linux Training Course is a perfect course for you. It is a great treasure for:

Is there any prior knowledge required?

It is not compulsory for the candidates to have prior knowledge to learn this Kali Linux Training Course. But you can gain an amazing learning experience if you have a fundamental knowledge of the Linux operating system. Want to know more about the Kali Linux training in Malaysia and our upcoming batch schedule? Contact us now to have a free discussion with training co-coordinators and get free advice from technical experts!