A router that connects all areas of your business!

i3Matrix provides ERP software services for organizations to create a centralized and integrated system to manage their business functions. We are a globally recognized digital marketing company in Malaysia, famous for providing software service, creating a website, and Search Engine optimization. We help our clients to meet their targeted customers through a digital platform.

Why ERP software?

ERP software is developed to monitor, maintain, and manage the overall process of an organization. This software helps to improve the process efficiency and increase the productivity of the employees.

If you want to collect and examine different reports of various departments, then developing the ERP software must be the best choice.

Why choose i3Matrix for ERP software in Malaysia?

i3Matrix is a universally recognized digital marketing company in Malaysia for providing ERP software services. Incorporated in 2006, we have years of experience in developing ERP software for different kinds of businesses. Regardless of size, we offer ERP software services for all sizes of the organizations to maintain and manage their process and services.

Other than developing software, we also help you to keep it updated with the latest technology by monitoring it frequently. Our developers are professional experts who also provide technical advice to secure the software from security threats.

Elevate the value of your business and get the incredible ideas to create specific ERP software for your business just by contacting us!

Who can use the ERP software?

ERP software is mostly used by companies/industries that wish to manage all the core supply chain, services, financial and other processes within a centralized system. Some of the industries that use ERP system are: