Become a top cyberSecurity professional with Advanced Penetration Testing with Kali 20 training program.

Course description:

Learn how to perform advance pen testing by using Kali 20 software with Advanced Penetration  Testing with Kali 20. This course boosts your knowledge and skills to perform stealthy testing, privilege escalation, tunneling and exfiltration, and pivoting. This training creates an amazing platform for you to practice and improve your pen-testing skills. Moreover, by participating in this course, you can enhance your skills in kali 20 and penetration testing.

What will I learn?

Want to become a skillful security officer in Malaysia? Then the Advanced Penetration Testing with Kali 20 is the most recommended course for you. This course covers topics such as:

About Kali Linux Software

What is it, what are new elements in Kali Linux Software, how to use Kali Linux and how to install as well as update Kali Linux Software

Explanation of penetration testing

About license penetration testing, methodologies used in advanced penetration testing, classification of penetration testing, about white box and black box, and details about Google hacking, vulnerability assessment, advance network scanning, stealth port scanning techniques, vulnerability assessment tools, VNC exploitation, privilege escalation, Dos attack, exploits and client-side attack, advance sniffing, web and wireless penetration testing, firewall testing and so on.

Document and report writing

Document preparation, verification of results, and methods used to collect data and evidence, etc.

Who are eligible?


Any individual who wants to start their career as a professional penetration tester or pen tester can take this course.

IT professionals

Looking for a promotion? Or do you want to take the next step in your professional career? Then this Advanced Penetration Testing with Kali 20 is an ideal choice.

Ethical hackers and pen testers

Enhance your existing knowledge and skills to perform penetration testing proficiently with our advanced training.

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